Challenge Your Goals

Now that I’m this far into dedicating myself to my “To You List,” I have to remind myself that these goals shouldn’t be ones that are settled for. With your own “To You List” it’s important to keep the mindset that you should be challenging yourself.

If you want to become the best version of yourself, you have to give your list everything you can. You can’t become your ideal self overnight, and instead of setting goals that are easy to reach, make sure you choose ones that cause you to stretch what you think you’re capable of. I promise this will help you get that much further in becoming the you that you want to become.

While it is important to challenge yourself, also remember that you don’t want to have unrealistic expectations. Make sure to throw some smaller goals in there that will allow you to stay motivated as you check items off your list.

With the items that I’ve shared so far, a short term goal that is a little easier to reach is investing the old. Revisiting passions and hobbies that are familiar to you isn’t something that is difficult to take time to do. A long term goal that is something that will only happen over time is my fitness goals. My goal isn’t to just be satisfied with my body but to be truly happy with my body and to make fitness into a lifestyle rather than just a routine. This is making sure that I challenge myself with this item on my list.

Whatever your items are, make sure you’re challenging yourself. There’s nothing like a challenge to keep you motivated and to always have something that you’re working towards.


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