Life Isn’t a Waiting Game

A few weeks back one of my friends tweeted about how everything in life is a waiting game. She said how everything goof in life only comes in time and you just have to wait for it to happen and it really got me thinking.

Sure there are some things in life that you find yourself waiting for. The love of your life, for instance, surely isn’t someone who’s going to pop into your like at 16 for most of us. But just because some of the best parts of life involve waiting, doesn’t mean that you have the let the rest of the wonderful opportunities you have in life be put on hold.

In your twenties it’s likely you don’t have it all figured out. You most likely don’t have a job you get excited about going to everyday, you don’t have a home of your own, or your own family. At 20 you’re so young and still have so much to discover and figure out. If you have those things – go you! But if you don’t – don’t stress. Most of us are in the same boat.

Instead of treating life as a waiting game, use your time spent “waiting” to pursue and grow other aspects of your life. Build your relationships, get into the best shape of your life and invest in those hobbies I talked about in the past few weeks.

Don’t spend your life waiting – spend your life chasing. I promise it will be a much better journey if you do.


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